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I come from a poor family. I became fond of writing poems. I started when I was 15 years old, inspired by my first crush but when I accepted Jesus Christ as my Lord and savior, I decided to make poems for Him; poems that can glorify Him.

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I enjoyed reading this poem. I commend you for deciding to write poems to …

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© Gretchen Silverio

Published: Jul 2008


Everyday is a tiny step
Away from my Great Shepherd
I felt alone in the whirlwind
I cannot help myself

I know there is a way back
But I can't see the path!
Suddenly I was blind,
I'm so alone in the dark

And out of fear I cried for help
I was expecting for my friends
But they were gone I'm so alone
I was discouraged even more!

But there is one I haven't called yet
My cries He heard, my sorrows He felt.
Love and help He offered
But I reject, my God was hurt!

But He'd never let me go
He pulled me out of the shadow
He opened my mind, He brighten my path,
I was restored by His unfailing love!


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  • by Kathleen Prince
  • Jul 2009

I enjoyed reading this poem. I commend you for deciding to write poems to glorify God.

I, too, write to glorify God also. I journal my thoughts based on my devotions every morning and every night.
When the books are full I share them with persons who need encouragement.


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