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This Poem is about the great impact that friends can have on each other's lives.

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I love this poem. I have a special friend who means a lot to me. How I wish she knows what I feel is genuine love.

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© Kaitlyn M. Yawn

Published: Feb 2006

Will You Ever

I don't think you will
Ever fully understand
How you've touched my life and made me who I am
I don't think you could ever know
Just how truly special you are
That even on the darkest nights
You are my brightest star
You've allowed me to experience something very hard to find
Unconditional love that exists
In my body soul and mind
I don't think you could ever feel
All the love I have to give
And I'm sure you'll never realize
You've been my will to live
You are an amazing person
And without you I don't know where I'd be
Having you in my life
Completes and fulfills every part of me.

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  • by Emeke, Nigeria
  • Nov 2013

I love this poem. I have a special friend who means a lot to me. How I wish she knows what I feel is genuine love.


  • by Lucia Medina
  • Aug 2012

This poem is as though I wrote it to the man I love. If he only knew. I'm happy to have read it, and much more lo love my man.


  • by Jocelyn, Tubangui,Philippines
  • Feb 2012

This poems reminds me of my special friend, during my college days. He taught me everything, he shared to me everything he knows, but he don't know that I love him in silent.


  • by Linda
  • Apr 2010

This poem really touched me because it tells how about the man I Love. I don't think he'll ever really understand just how deep my love for him really goes. A womans love is always much deeper then a mans......


  • by South Carolina
  • Apr 2010

This poem reminds me of how my husband has touched my heart like no one else has. He has been with me through hard times, times that I am sure I would have not made it without him. We have been together 14 years and married 9 of those years, he is the heart of my being. I love him with all my heart and soul. His love really amazes me.


  • by Venetia, Johannesburg
  • Apr 2010

This is awesome...I have an angel of a friend and this really describes him.


  • by Billy, Tennessee
  • Apr 2010

Not only does this poem express the love but also all is expressed in a total positive manner. How great to read such.


I love this poem it reminds me of a really great friend I have and she's kind of like my second mom and I love her a lot and when I read this she was all I could think about the whole time I was reading it. I love it... its amazing


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