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Cancer, the dreaded "C" word. It has become such an epidemic in our society that people are loath to even mention its name. Cancer is a disease that can affect many different parts of the body. Some of these diseases are more serious than others. It is not only the disease that is painful but also the many way of treating it. Radiation treatments may kill the cancer but are also dangerous for the body. Chemotherapy comes with many side affects such as hair loss and severe nausea. The many faces of this disease challenge an individual to show their fighting spirit and will to live.

Sad and Inspirational Cancer Poems

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5 Years Old Child Dies Of Cancer
By Kristie
What would you do
in 5 short years?
Would you make them the most
or hide from your fears?
Our little Cory
chose to live
Every day with a smile
and love to give
Though ..........
Votes: 299,  Rating: 4.7 , 15 Stories
Mother And Son
By Tim O''Connor
A tired woman filled with fear,
Her angry child sheds a tear.
A last embrace consoles the soul,
While evil forces take their toll.
Fleeting moments, silent cries,
The light ..........
Votes: 10,  Rating: 4.7
Our Hearts Will Always Touch
When I laid there beside you,
Could you feel me there?
My arms were wrapped around you,
And I was stroking your hair.

I was talking about all the good times,
For me they were every ..........
Votes: 1658,  Rating: 4.69 , 94 Stories
My Special Sister Vicki
By Barbara Looney
My special sister, I want you to know how much you mean to me.
My special sister has strength and courage her whole family can see.
My special sister showed us all how to handle life's ..........
Votes: 212,  Rating: 4.69 , 8 Stories
I Have Breast Cancer, Mothers Smile
By Tessa McGregor
I remember your brave face through all the pain,
The day you told us and I tried to remain sane.
" I have breast cancer," you said as a matter of fact,
Yet you didn't shed a single tear you ..........
Votes: 307,  Rating: 4.63 , 20 Stories
Imagine A World Without Cancer
By Michele Rosa
Imagine there's no cancer,
It's easy if you try,
No pain or suffering,
Or waiting just to die.

Imagine all the people,
Living worry free,
Without that ticking time bomb,
That ..........
Votes: 202,  Rating: 4.63 , 3 Stories
Baby With Cancer Poem, My Wish
By Shelliegh Southard
My wish this year
Is for you to remain here
I wouldn't know what to do
If forced to lose you

That beautiful smile on your face
Always illuminates a gloomy place
The love that ..........
Votes: 240,  Rating: 4.62 , 10 Stories
Losing My Parents, Signed...Your Little Girl
You were there for my very first breath,
And I was there for your last.
The time we got to share together,
Went by too quick...Too fast.

For life or someone took you away from ..........
Votes: 177,  Rating: 4.62 , 9 Stories
To My Brother, Who Lost His Life To Cancer.
By Lisa Crisp
To My Brother Gary Allen Hrenchir Jr.
By Lisa Sister

The time has come to say Goodbye
I will try not to cry

It' been so hard to let you go
To be in heaven don't you ..........
Votes: 69,  Rating: 4.61
Poem For A Brother-in-law Battling Cancer
By Heather Weitz
Feeling tired
Feeling weak
With all the pain you do not seek

Feeling scared and unprepared
Are feelings that we all share

In whatever you decide
We will be by your ..........
Votes: 51,  Rating: 4.61 , 1 Story
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