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This poem is for all the people that have had to say good-bye to a love that just was not meant to be, but was real and honest. Not always do we get to be or stay with the person that we love and we have to let them go and wish them well as they move on.

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This poem was beautiful. This explained my exact situation with a guy that …

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Published: Jan 2011

Lost Love

The most amazing moment was when we met
The love and time I have shared with you
have all been; without regret...

In spite of our love...
I am painfully aware
That you are gone,
And no longer there..

You made up your mind and you went away..
as things started to not feel right...
I know it's pointless to wish for you to stay..
because at the end of the tunnel there is no more light

Often I don't know what to say or do..
So many times, I have cried over you...
Emptiness and sorrow is now a part me,
Since I have to accept, that we will never be..


Our memories continue to live in my heart
As I wish you well, with your brand-new start

Please, believe me when I say
You will always be with me
Come What May


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Has this poem touched you?
  • by Kathryn, Douglas, Alabama
  • 5/20/2014

This poem was beautiful. This explained my exact situation with a guy that I have been in love with for four years now. He got a new girlfriend recently and every time I see them together, I wait until they leave and I cry. It is really sad.


  • by Rachel
  • 5/18/2014

This is indeed a very touchy one and it very much goes well with my situation where love has almost faded away but I don't have any regrets. Moving on is finally a part of letting go something which was once yours. So if you are dedicated to a person and if you have felt special even for a moment then there is nothing you should regret upon.


  • by Henderson, Texas
  • 4/8/2014

This was very touching just what I was looking for. Covered everything I wanted to say it goes out to the guy I'm truly in love with but he doesn't care for me anymore.


  • by Miracle , Ohio
  • Mar 2013

This poem has really had me teared up because it reminds me of someone that doesn't care for me && I want back . . .


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