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Reminds me of my first love. Everything seemed so perfect then, and I …

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© Danielle C. Thomas

Published: Feb 2006

Love At First Sight

When first we touched,
My heart flew high,
On gossamer wings through a cloudless sky.
They said it was built upon a lie.
They told me my feelings would surely fade.
Passion would flare and foes would be made.
Can you not put the pass behind?
True love can change a rivers course,
Or pierce the strongest vault with ease.
True love can turn coal into gold,
Or tame the tempest to a balmy breeze.
Quite some time has passed since then:
People no longer criticize,
For now they see that truth exists,
Where once there might have been only lies.
Still my feelings are the same today,
As they were on that very first,
For when we touch, my heart still flies, on gossamer wings through cloudless skies.


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  • by Lola. Mexico
  • 5/16/2014

Reminds me of my first love. Everything seemed so perfect then, and I guess we both thought so..but everything changed and we broke up. I cried inside for days. I guess the saying "your first love is not always your truest love" is true after all.


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