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I felt as if I was losing faith in love. seeing things around me ,in this world, I felt you can't trust if there is no such thing as 'true love' or 'happily ever afters' etc. then I read this book about a very sad yet very beautiful love story. the book really touched restored my faith in love & inspired me to write this poem...hope you like it.

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© Priya

Published: Feb 2009

Love So Pure

its sweet like the nectar
of the garden flower,
its soothing like the buzzing
of a bumble bee,
its warm like the rays
of the morning sun,
its the search of a love so pure
which keeps me on the run.

its the pulse in my vein,
the thoughts in my brain,
in every breath that I take,
the smile my lips make,
its in the twinkle of my eye,
till the day I die.

its the dream in my sleep,
its springs freshest leaf;
a love so rare like this
will always be with me for keeps.

its the warmth of my blood,
as my feelings flood,
as says my heart's beat,
its depth touches the ocean's feet.

even if its heart searing pain,
with nothing to gain,
I will feel it as the tear on my cheek,
and without words my soul will speak.

a feeling so sincere,
a bond so strong,
I know my soul will never guide me wrong.

I will wait till my last sunset,
till my heart slows down with a dull ache,
till my eyes are wet,
till I meet my soul's mate,
yes, I will wait.


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