I Miss You Poem

Miles Away From The One I Love

For my special someone whom is miles from me. Just want him to know how I missed him so much and how eager I am to see him.

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These poems are exactly how I feel because the one guy who I love is 90 …

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Published: Jul 2008

Miles Away

Miles away
I'm getting insane
Of the distance we have
How can we be together

Is there any way
For us to get closer
No calls nor letters
Just sadness and tears

When this all be end
This sorrow and pain
Time always keep us away
So hard to think this everyday

Wish I could dream of you
Every night when I'm asleep
For this is the only way
Only way for us to meet


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Has this poem touched you?
  • by Chanel
  • Jul 2011

These poems are exactly how I feel because the one guy who I love is 90 miles away from me. I am so in love with him that all this love for him does not fit in me, but I don't regret ever meeting him, because with him I learned the true meaning of love. I just wish that someday somehow we can meet again and I wish that when we meet again is for real, not in one of my dreams. I love you dairon.


  • by Shira
  • Dec 2009

This poem is exactly how I feel. I love someone who lives miles away and I don't know the next time I will see him. He says that he will find a way to come find me and be with me but this pain of wanting to have the days go by fast just to be a day closer to possibly being with him is not healthy, all my friends think I'm crazy too.. but I still have hope. This love is not something you come by just every day. its nice to know there's others out there who feel the same way!


This Poem show how I feel right now, I love someone who lives miles away...people said there's impossible to me to be together with him...but I know deep in my heart, there's always a chances to me to be with him!!
Although in the end there just only dreams...but I never regret about it!!


  • by mcky1224
  • Dec 2008

This poem touched me somehow. I am miles away from my beloved as the writer experienced but deep in my heart, I believe that my situation can be improved. This great distance can be bridged but he refused to take the first step for better improvement...


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