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I've been to many schools since kindergarten. I was really nervous about going to the 2nd high school since I moved to Alexandria. I missed my friends at my old school and I wanted to change myself so I could fit in at my new school. I needed God to help me get through it all.

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I loved the poem written by Keisha Swafford. Keep writing and feeling. I …

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Published: Dec 2008

My Time

Today will be a new day
In the name of God, that's what I say
I will not let people bring me down
I have to keep trying.

Never give up,
I will prevail,
God will protect me from all my fears, all my problems,
I decide what makes me happy.

Joy is my key,
Love is unleashed from within me,
Tears of pain and hurt are no more,
My life, my worries, I give to God,
He is the only one,
Who can give me absolute comfort and peace.

I will find great friends at my school,
Positive, optimistic is my middle name,
Taking risks is my game,
Confusion and loss will be wiped away.

This is my year to rejuvenate myself,
To form and mold myself into someone I thought
I'd never be,
Brave, risky, care free, stress less, loving, and sociable.

People will like and accept me for the person I'm truly meant to be,
God will make a way for me,
I will excel in all my classes, A's galore,
I will learn to love more, laugh more, live more,
This is my day to shine, and I will not waste it.


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  • by Sheryl Neal
  • Jan 2010

I loved the poem written by Keisha Swafford. Keep writing and feeling. I hope to hear you on stage one day sharing your gift with the world.


  • by Ronald Doe
  • Dec 2009

Keisha, Congratulations on poem of the day. It's a great positive poem and you deserve the recognition. Ronie


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