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Dark Poems

Dark Poems about Life

Sadness and darkness are natural cousins. Since ancient times, people have worn black to express their grief. Happiness is attracted to sunshine and depression to darkness. There is a certain romance in darkness and melancholy. There is something mysterious about that which is hidden and unknown. Dark poems may seek to romanticize sadness and depression. Other dark poems are simply poems about sad subjects. The poem "The Raven" by Edgar Allen Poe is an example of a delightfully spooky dark poem. There is much room for creativity in this genre.

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  • by Joseph
  • Published: 9/10/2008
The Wicked Path Of Destiny, The Death Of Gods, Pets, Mankind

I walk the face of earth once more,
a mindless puppet, my strings are torn.
the creaky bones, the bad eyesight,
yet the chance to turn wrong to right.
wars-a-waging, old mans …

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Great! Love the way you structured your poem and it's got sophisticated language for a year 8.

Cold Dark Corner

There's a cold dark corner
in the back of my room,
it speaks to me
and says I'm coming for you.

As I lie on my bed
in the fetal position,
my eyes are closed
hoping and …

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I really love this poem! Similar to the situation I'm in. Keep up! And be strong!


Confused With What’s Happening, Unseen

you are trapped in a cage..
no one sees it.. not even you..
you don't know what it's made of..
you don't even know where it came from..
but you feel it.. it's all around you..
it …

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Wow. That's is so right! I love this poem. Its sounds so me...

Poem About Beauty, Burn The Beauty

One does not own beauty,
One creates it.
In their dreams
They feel they can obtain it.

All alone, in a dark nights
All their thoughts.....

Cursed by …

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I know how you must feel because I have and am feeling this way thank and never give up on life you are a strong person

Depression Never Ending

Depression is here everyday
And it never goes away
Go away! I yell into the dark
As if someone is there
I feel as if I'm a prisoner
In the dungeon's lair
And as always no one …

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Hey! Sarah listen I know exactly how you feel I've been there and still am, but you know what people care whether you chose to see it or not!!! That is your choice. But I understand completely what …

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  • by Kassie
  • Published: 11/7/2007
Poem About Cutting Wrists, Just A Small Cut

Crimson red fills the bowl and I think I'm going to be sick.
With every thing spinning so fast I cannot breath.
Walls closing in and everything fades.
Fashes of light come by, one, by …

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I am 15 years old and I cut myself it's not too bad of cuts. My friends that I told tried to get me help and they just what me to stop but I can't stop this is my way to get my feelings about myself …

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  • by Evan
  • Published: 11/6/2012
Inside I'm Full Of Death, Death

Time stops
And stands still
Each day
Seems like a year
I'm lost
And can't be found
In this darkness
I lay dying
And alone
It holds me down
And won't …

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  • by Leah Sarah-May Wells
  • Published: 6/23/2008
Attempted Suicide

I'm swimming all alone in a pool of darkness
and I feel like darkness is slowly pulling me under
I yell for help but no one is there to hear it
I begin to see the water at eye level
and I …

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  • by Remnant
  • Published: 4/2/2009
Losing Myself

My eyes close
I'm holding onto
my memories
and hatred.
my slumber
all alone in my head...
so silent.

I can't explain the way
my tears run blood along my veins
if I let …

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Behind These Walls

They watch the world,
with open eyes.
They haunt the world,
with an open mind.
They see you move,
as you live in this world.

But behind these walls,
lies a deep dark …

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