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The story behing the Poem is a love of 33 years that started at age 15 years for me and 13 years for her. A first kiss on 12 November 1975 changed my life forever. The story behind this poem starts with my wife Pammy, a great and beautiful woman as well as a loving and caring wife and the mother of my children. She is my love and my life.

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I am happy to have made my wife smile each day because of the best poem …

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Published: Sep 2008

To My Wife, Chiholloli ("I Love You")

I know not all the languages of this world
I know not all the ways to tell you that I love you girl

I will express my love in words and by my deeds
I promise that to you forever, that I hope you see

Your beauty is endless in my eyes can't you see
For you are the only love for me

I desire to hold and touch you through each night
And awaken to you each morning for the rest of my life

Your honesty, love and friendship as my wife brings me the greatest of pleasure
You are my love, my wife, my best friend and Gods greatest gift to me, you are my treasure

As you have began to see life is moving fast
And as we go through time mine is a love that will last

As life moves on I promise to love you each day with a gentle touch
To hold you, kiss you, caress you, care for you, for I love you so very, very much

Your touch, your kiss and your words of love to me mean so much
When we are apart I miss your love, your kiss and your touch so very, very much

Your smile brightens my day, your touch warms my soul and your kiss rushes my heart
My dearest Pammy I love you, I miss you and I long for you when we are apart

How do I show you my love is yours, endless and true
How do I show you that I cherish and honor you

I will lift you to the stars above
I will prove that my love for you is an endless love

I know not all the ways to express my love of you and for you
I promise to show in everyway that my love for you is true

Chiholloli translated from Chickasaw is "I LOVE YOU"
I pray to God that you know that is true


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  • by Winston, Gauteng
  • Jul 2012

I am happy to have made my wife smile each day because of the best poem ever from you. I pray that people may find the secret of making their relationship strong by speaking their hearts to their loved ones.


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