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Hello, I started writing poems when I was 11 years all started with a school assignment. I was supposed to look at a picture and write a poem about it. I will probably post it later. Well, after that, I was hooked. I can't just write a poem whenever I want to; I have to feel something first, I can't describe is like something that urges me to write it down, like I am propelled to write about that. If I have that feeling then, no matter how long the poem is...I can write it within an hour. All my poems are usually 2-4 pages long. This one is shorter because I wanted to make them rhyme well, and I had to say what I wanted to say with a word that rhymed with the was difficult, but I did it. :-D My other poems will be listed on here too, so read those if you can. I have made many people cry with these poems, I hope you enjoy. Always, Your Fellow Poetess, Haley Wilson age 14

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© Haley Wilson

Published on November 2007

Mystery Eyes

I know not if 'twas beating rain
Lightly tapping the window pane
But in the darkness of the hall
I heard my name you softly call

I know not if 'twas little children's feet
Running around to the falling rain's beat
But I heard your footsteps, your arms spread wide
My heart started pounding, I wanted to run and hide

I know not if 'twas the look in your eyes
Or if it was because I felt my heart rise
Or if 'twas a new feeling had just been found
Nothing moved, pray, for the pattering rain sound

I know not if 'twas a wool blanket in the
Dull winter gloom
Or if it was a warm fire in a
Cold chilly room

I know not if 'twas a warm shower
After a day in the snow
But as I felt your arms embrace me
I moved not a toe

I know not if 'twas a young mind
Grown wise
But as I looked into your eyes
I felt your eyes grow all the more kind

I know not if 'twas a gleaming light
Or if 'twas the rainbow shining bright
But in your eyes I saw a mystery
A sure sign that we were meant to be


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