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We all have our questions about God. Here is one conversation with God.

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I'm reading this at a time my soul need it most, it's a reflection of my …

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Published: Dec 2007


Sometimes I look at the stars, Lord, and wonder if you're there.
I have so many questions for you, I have so much to share.
Sometimes I feel your presence, sometimes I feel you're near.
If I tell you how empty I feel, would you still be there to hear?
Sometimes I think back and realize how far I have come,
From feeling like nothing, to feeling like "I'm the one!"
Sometimes I feel that the only one I can trust is "me".
If only I could trust again, Lord, "if only I could believe."
Honestly, Lord, I'm tired of being on the fence,
And Honestly, Lord, sometimes things just don't make sense.
I'm asking you now, dear Lord, would you please
Send me something that is certain to convince me.
Sometimes I don't think it's fair to make us guess so much
And so much of all of this seems like it's just luck.
We are supposed to have faith, but not base it on much.
I need more than that, I want something I can touch.
Sometimes I feel that you gave us a brain to use,
But the more I use it, the more I am confused.


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I'm reading this at a time my soul need it most, it's a reflection of my condition. More Grace


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