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I went to Tecate, Mexico over the summer for a missions trip. While I was down there I met the guy named Joe, all I really know about him is that he was from Lansing Michigan. I got to know him and began to really like him. I have never been in love but if that's what it still feels like today then I guess I was in love with him.

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This touched me so much, I miss him so much , 6 more months till I get to …

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Published: Feb 2009


Has anyone ever thought like this? The way I think when I think about you? I see you so clearly your eyes, your mouth, your nose, everything about you is so clear. I still feel your arm wrapped tight around me. our hands clasped, your thumb rubbing circles on mine. I feel you calloused hands on my back and I hope you feel mine. I want to see you will I ever be able to?

Has anyone ever been in such agony over someone? Is this pain even bearable? I hear your voice saying my name and making it sound beautiful. I hear our conversations over and over in my head. Do you hear them to? I want to hear your voice. Will I ever get the chance to?

Has anyone ever felt the way I felt when we first touched? It was ever so brief yet something happened, then you couldn't keep your hands off me. You touch my head, hair waist, arm, and hands. I still feel every one of them and when I remember them I wonder if you remember them to? I want to touch you again will I ever get to?


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Has this poem touched you?
  • by Adriana , Florida
  • Mar 2012

This touched me so much, I miss him so much , 6 more months till I get to feel him again...but everyday I replay all our conversations , laughter, memories...everything...I don't forget any of it, it's all there....everyday ..Even though I haven't heard his voice in a week..I know it perfectly ..And I'll be waiting ...to make more memories ..Grow old...and see where life takes us..


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