Abandonment Poem

Poem About Accepting Father Leaving

Her father was not in her life as she grew up, and because of that she suffered. However, she has finally achieved some closure and found happiness in spite of the trauma.

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© Nicole M. Connolly

February 2006


How could you have left
I was only a young girl
I needed your help
I didn't know much of this world
You said that you loved me
You said that you cared
But once you were gone
I was so very scared

So many things we could have done differently
Things we could have fixed
Most of which
By just one simple kiss

You used to be my hero
You used to be a dad
But after you were gone
I found things out
Things that were pretty bad

You're gone now
And you're not coming back
You know that I love you
But I just have to know
If you got a second chance
Would you still go

For a while I blamed you
For a while I blamed me
But now that I am older
I can finally see
That it's never been a fault
And it's never been a fee
Yes, you're gone
And yes, I miss you
But I've finally found happiness
In which to life it is the key


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