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I've been reunited with the love of my life, the years in between were long and painful. Thank you for taking the time to read my poem.

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Like thunder crashing over the shore, I will always love you more. You are the air that I breathe, the language that I speak. You are the lyrics to my song. You're the one to whom my heart...

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So Happy And So Proud

© Scott Sabatini

Published on June 2013

Thoughts of you surround me
You're the beating of my heart
The love you give defines me
My life no longer dark
You give your hand so sweetly
I am lost if you're away
You have me so completely
I cherish you night and day
Without your breath I cannot live
I need your lips on mine
Nothing at all I wouldn't give
I'll take nothing and be fine
For in your arms I'm always home
So happy and so proud
Never a day you'll feel alone
And I'll yell it oh so loud......



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  • by Ruby Rice
  • 1 week ago

Like thunder crashing over the shore, I will always love you more. You are the air that I breathe, the language that I speak. You are the lyrics to my song. You're the one to whom my heart belongs. And though we are worlds apart, you are always in my heart. My life is with you. I know I will bloom. Religion means nothing if it does not stand for something. I am yours as you are mine. Oh, how our love is so divine.

  • by Meera Nair
  • 1 week ago

I saw him at a social gathering at my relative's place but I didn't know his name. It was not exactly love, but yes, I was attracted to him. After a long try, I found him on FB. We became online friends and our bond strengthened over time. As we both were going through a post break up stage, we found comfort in each other, sharing each other's painful memories. Everyday calls, unlimited messages, and loyal friendship made us to look best together. I don't know when, but I fell in love with him. When I approached him with my feelings, I always feared that I would lose him. But he rejected my proposal in a calm and friendly way. Today I am about to leave this city and him. I still love him like before, and maybe more than that. I want him to stop me and tell me that he loves me back too! I just love you my Chippu! Just take me back to your world! <3

  • by Ocie Taylor
  • 4 weeks ago

My life was dark and lonely, but then I saw her face. I was searching for friends on Facebook, but when I saw her my heart jumped like I was in a race. Then I finally met her but never thought I would fall in love. Now every time I look at her I thank God for blessing me with a beautiful angel from above. I know she don't feel me the same way, but it doesn't stop me from praying to God that she stays in my life always. I really love her.

  • by Keke James
  • 2 months ago

I got hurt by somebody who said they'll always be around. Now when I call her she barley says a sound. It's like crying with no tears coming down but you can feel your heart breaking. Now it's so crazy because I met you around the way. We were at a Monterey game. I was walking, doing my on thang when I heard you say my name. Meeting you was like putting that favorite picture in a perfect frame. Now everything has changed. I'm not mad at you. Nah, I mad because the memories we shared it felt so real like you really cared.

  • by Mckenzie Horton
  • 5 months ago

Roses are red, violets are blue. You're my life. How could I ever forget you?

  • by Maxwell Ojungo
  • 1 year ago

Never thought I'd say this, but what started as just a mere chat online, turned out to be the best part of my love life. She's cute, ever jovial and really social...no man would fall for her. After days and months of chatting we decided to finally get to know each other face to face. I remember us setting the venue and I was there before her but somehow hidden, so as to see what I am getting myself into....God, then came this girl, cute,chubby cheeks, big round eyes ..I just stood there, admiring but then waiting for my date. After a while I got tired of waiting and knew she won't come,so I decided to approach the cute lady, in a way, I felt like its a consolation for my date not coming. She was cool, we talked for long until Ii dropped the bombshell..."what's your name?"....what she said after that made me feel like, I don't even know what I felt. I was lost in thoughts. That's when I realized she came earlier but then waited to see me from far before calling. That's the little story behind my love.

  • by Tarana, Bangladesh
  • 1 year ago

I'm a cute paraplegic with a pretty face - that's what my Love of my life says.
I met him in a Rehab in India for spinal cord injury patients. He was there for the purpose of his father's treatment. He first talked to me in the in the church, I'm a Muslim and he's an atheist. Hopefully, by His grace my Love will be a believer too.
Calling him just Boyfriend feels very general. Accurately, he's the only Love of my life. God gave him to me. My Creator created us to stay together only. Our similarities, thoughts and the basic aspects in a relationship keep us bonded together. Dissimilarities - we don't wanna weaken our relationship for those.
We got into a relationship in about two weeks after we met. Things happened so fast that it was hard to believe that something is actually happening! Truth,honesty & love are still there on Earth! God exists & so does His miracles!
I'm in Bangladesh & he's in India. We're in a LDR with all our love & sincerity.

  • by Dyllan
  • 2 years ago

I love you more than the words on paper can express. I can't live my life without you. You're my beautiful angel that keeps me looking up. You keep me from drowning. I live, breathe, and sleep you baby. I will always love you!

  • by Marcos
  • 2 years ago

You are my world if there is no us there is no me. You've filled my heart with the most joy anyone could imagine you mean the world to me and so does our little angle that passed away. I wish I could take the pain away and everything could be ok but I guess it wouldn't happen I've helped you through cutting and you stayed strong and I am proud we are together forever babe remember that RIP BABY GIRL

  • by Tyler, Tn
  • 2 years ago

The first time I saw you I thought I was in a dream your beauty took my breath away from me when I look in your eyes I see the most beautiful solar system I see you on the beach at night with the moon light in your hair and your eyes look like the most beautiful star in this universe I wanted you to be mine from first sight. I fell you from first sight . I will take a bullet for you. I would die for you any day. I love you so much with all my heart

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