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When I heard the song "You Are My Sunshine" I had the idea to write this!(: It's in some ways similar about friendship, love and loyalty!

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Life has its ups and downs but you will always have your friends by your …

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Published: Feb 2011

You Are My Sunshine

You are my sunshine.
You send color to my gray.
When I'm in tears.
You blow my heartbreak away.
You make me happy when times are down.
You turn my world upside and around.
You catch my tears in your hand.
When I'm in terror you understand.
When I'm falling to the ground.
You catch me and twirl my heart around.
When I'm surrounded by darkness within the night.
You come around and cast your light.
If you weren't here I don't know what I'd do.
Sunshine, I really love you.

You are my umbrella when it rains.
You cover me up when I'm in vain.
You hold me in times of need.
You are my bandage when I bleed.
When I'm lonely and times are rough.
You love me more than enough.
You are my sunshine in times of rain.
Please tell me you love me again.


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Has this poem touched you?
  • by Shania, Melbourne
  • 2/23/2014

Life has its ups and downs but you will always have your friends by your side. They are like your family and they are like your brother or sister. Life is kind of like the ocean in a way you have your rough waves and your calm waves and in life we have our rough times and our calm times.


  • by Jenna, Hawaii
  • Dec 2012

This is like me and my friend, she cheers me up and I cheer her up. The girl is amazing. This is the best poem ever! I'm gonna send this to her!!!


  • by Robert F. Sandoval, San Diego
  • Jan 2012

Beautiful poem. I'm going to send it to my friend along with a card I drew for her. I know she'll like it because Sunshine is what I call her and she loves it when I do that. Hopefully it will touch her in the right spot cause I love her more than just a friend.


  • by Amanda
  • Oct 2011

Nice poem. You wanna know something weird? My best friend is named Sunshine and my other best friend is name Ariel Smith. Weird huh?


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