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A woman has been left alone by her lover and her life will never be the same.

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This poem is me all over. That is all I do is think of my old man. I feel …

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© Philicia A. Talamantes

Published: Feb 2006

Thinking Of You

I'm sitting here staring at the stars, thinking of you!
I feel so alone when you're not around,
It feel's as if the walls are coming down.
I close my eyes, and you're here.
I see your face, feel your touch, and taste your kiss.
I'm constantly thinking of you.
When something goes wrong, and I'm down,
Thinking of you always brings me around.
When you're gone, my world disappears.
Though thinking of you make's me glad,
Being away from you makes me sad!
I'm thinking of you.
If you ever feeling alone just call on me I'll be home.
I miss you so much I can't bear the pain,
I only have myself to blame.
You're the best guy I ever known,
I only wish I could have you for my own.
You stole my heart from the beginning,
Now you're leaving. I'm thinking of you.
I'm so lucky to have you in my life.
I wish you could always be by my side.
Because you need to know.
You'll always have a place here with me
From now till eternity.
I'm lying in bed
Thought's of you spinning through my head.
And in the bottom of my heart
we will never be apart.


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  • by mikes lover and fiance
  • Oct 2008

This poem is me all over. That is all I do is think of my old man. I feel lost without him. Part of it is we were inseparable if you seen one the other one wasn't far behind. I love reading poems that gives me goose bumps and this poem did. I loved it.


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