Birthday Poem

On Her 60th Birthday

with dedication to my loving mother on her 60th birthday.

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August 2008

To My Mother

on this day as you celebrate your birthday,
my best wishes to you mother I dedicate,
greetings filled with all the praise only you deserve,
my dear mother, my dear friend.

from as long as I remember so loving and so kind,
so patient and so tender you make my pains feel mild.
your hands are always present to walk me through the way,
you spell the words I long to hear that always make my day.

"thank you mum", for all you give,
"thank you mum", for all your time,
"thank you mum", for all your kindness,
"thank you mum", for all your love that is endless.

you are to me and you will always be,
the loving mother with an open heart,
the caring friend with a lending hand,
you are my one and only latest trend.

from the bottom of my heart I send you my message with love,
only the very best that a mother like only you can claim,
for I have the best in life through you, I thank God,
for I am blessed and privileged because you are my mum!

thank you mum, best wishes mum, I love you Mum


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