Funny Family Poems

Humor is the bedrock of healthy relationship. Humor it a tool we can use to let off steam when things get too heavy. If we cannot laugh at ourselves, life will become a tedious and stifling experience. Family life is difficult, there is no doubt about it. In order to stick with family through hard times it is important to be able to laugh at ourselves. Laughing helps get through arguments, sadness and all kinds of hardships. Take the time to poke fun at yourselves and you will feel the burden on your shoulders lighten considerably.

Funny Family Poems

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Recipe For Perfect Family, How To Create The Perfect Family
By Katy
You will need:
1 large house
3-6 people, depending on how long you want to wait for it to be done
3 cups of pets
2 cups of patience
3 ounces of anger/frustration
3 quarts of ..........
Votes: 379,  Rating: 3.97 , 5 Stories
Poem About Lice, Best Of Brands
By Nicola Hanney
Get that nit comb through those strands,
This lice lotion best of brands,
Nought point nought between the prongs,
Not short hair, but two foot long.

Look they’re dying, I think we’re ..........
Votes: 34,  Rating: 3.97
The Dishes Are Done
Well, the dishes are done,
There's nothing in the sink.
So I think I'll sit,
And pour myself a drink.
But just as I sit,
I hear her voice.
And I've got to get up,
Because I've ..........
Votes: 285,  Rating: 3.92 , 3 Stories
Baby Is Cute Poem, Tiny Fingers And Tiny Toes
By Meliisa
We welcome to the world,
Your little baby boy,
Oh isn't he just;
A bundle of joy.

See tiny fingers and tiny toes,
Bright baby eyes, a cute little nose.

Teddy bears, ..........
Votes: 227,  Rating: 3.86
My Extended Dear Family
By Virama Ekanayaka
I have an extended family as large as large can be
Many an aunts and uncles and cousins are in plenty
So if you have got some popcorn then pray sit up tightly
For I'm about to unfold the ..........
Votes: 60,  Rating: 3.77
He Is Daddy Cool!, Dad
By Barkha
My Dad is sweet,
He is daddy cool!
He wakes me up in the morning,
And sometimes drops me to school!
He’s part of my school P.s.a,
“Make the whole day recess” I say
I love ..........
Votes: 55,  Rating: 3.76
My Family Is Weird Maybe Even Strange, My Peeps
you may see me as normal,
but you would never guess,
that my family is weird maybe even strange,
and though we seem happy,
and chipper even,
we are not the same,
my brother yes is ..........
Votes: 255,  Rating: 3.69 , 3 Stories
Doing Laundry
The darkness swells
up the well
the basement lies below
with clothes in hand
my mom demands
down I must go

What creature waits
past those gates
that hold in the dark
a ..........
Votes: 109,  Rating: 3.5
Caravan Holiday
By Tracet Watson
"Are we there yet?" I asked my Dad as we towed the caravan.
"Not just yet" he replied... he was driving like my Nan.
You see it's a slow job towing this thing stuck behind the car, we've been ..........
Votes: 24,  Rating: 3.5
Queen's Day, At Ye Olde Cabin
The very deep did rot, Oh Christ,
And it doth make me sick.
Yea, slimy things didst crawl with legs
Upon the slimy crick.

One after one, till dawn doth break,
The great bullfrogs ..........
Votes: 18,  Rating: 3.5
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