Inspirational Friend Poem

What Was God Thinking?

Sometimes you have two friends who seem the opposite in every way yet they get along like two peas in a pod.

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© Chrystal Blue

Published: Jun 2007

What Was God Thinking

What was God thinking when he decided to send you here?
Didn't he know that you were meant for a heavenly palace full of sweet dreams?
Not a world full of corruption, disaster, and disease
You're too good for this place, and I fit perfectly
I'm evil, you're pure, I ruin, you cure
You say you're not perfect
I say I'm no angel but...
I guess we've found perfection in one another's soul
Absolution in each others eyes
And a kind assurance in one another's voices that we will always be there for each other
What was God thinking when he decided to send you here?
For whatever reason he had...
I'm thankful we have each other.


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