Broken Friendship Poems

Friendship is one of the main things that makes life worthwhile. When you have a friend to confide in, suffering seems more bearable, and pleasures are more intense. Everything is better when you have a friend to share it with. When a friendship breaks, whether or not it is for the best, there is a degree of pain and mourning that an individual goes through. There were things that you may have done only with that person and you feel a void in your life. Take some time to let yourself mourn before moving on to other relationships.

Break up Poems

Poems about Leaving a Friendship

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Poem About A Broken Friendship, This Is Our End
By Jessica A. Phillipi
You can stand there and smile you can sit there and laugh
but you can't trick me I know it's a mask
You're trying to lie to me and everyone else
but why is it that you're lying to ..........
Votes: 505,  Rating: 4.42 , 20 Stories
Platonic Relationship Don't Work, Sunshine
By Kahlen
Who would have thought we'd be best friends?
Who would have known on you I could depend?
Who could have seen it would end so fast?
Now our strong bond remains in the past.
You were there ..........
Votes: 267,  Rating: 4.41 , 19 Stories
A Broken Puzzle
By Jessica M. Ward
When I found you
I found me
I was no longer alone
I was put together
There were no missing pieces
We were the perfect puzzle
On lookers envied what we had
We had so many ..........
Votes: 297,  Rating: 4.37 , 9 Stories
Walk Away
I watch you walk away from me
And the tears start to fall
I ask myself a million times
How did we lose it all???
For the first time I had no words
that to you I could say
I cling to ..........
Votes: 188,  Rating: 4.32 , 9 Stories
Poem About Uncertain, Truth
By Jessica E. Villa
Once in your life you make the friends that are true
Nothing else matters except what's between them and you
You don't know if anyone has ever before felt this way
For them you breathed, you ..........
Votes: 60,  Rating: 4.27 , 1 Story
Poem For Friends Who Need To Break Up, Friends
By Tamara K. McCully
The relationship between two friends
Is more than you can hold in your hands
It feels like it could never break
Or someone could ever take
Then suddenly like the break of dawn
Someone ..........
Votes: 108,  Rating: 4.26 , 1 Story
Sad Poem About A Friendship Lost
By Brenda J. Metz
I remember the time not long ago
When we laughed and shared it all
We were the very best of friends
Or at least that's what I thought.
I often wonder why friendships end
What happens ..........
Votes: 643,  Rating: 4.24 , 40 Stories
Losing A Best Friend
By Bree M. Gibbs
Are you really gone?
As my days draw out I find myself thinking about you
I miss you dearly and wish you were by my side, too
You are a real friend and I hate not having you here
Never ..........
Votes: 120,  Rating: 4.19 , 3 Stories
Liar, Liar
By Addison Miller
We were best friends, or so I had thought,
But why, I've seemed to forgot.
I gave you trust and friendship,
And in return you ruined our relationship.

I know I messed up and made my ..........
Votes: 27,  Rating: 4.15
Broken Friendship, Friends
By Courtney Winterroth
Friends, We'll always be there for one another.

A thousand memories we share and a million

more to come, Never thought in a million years

we'd ever be friends, but we were, we ..........
Votes: 75,  Rating: 4.13
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Broken Friendship Poems 1-10 of 19    
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