Loss of a Friend Poems

Tribute Poems on the Loss of a Friend

What are some of the feelings that one might feel when a friend passes away? When someone that is special to us is gone it can be difficult to continue living life. Things that were special to you may begin to seem pointless when you don't have that special person to share it with. All of the things that you did together are reminders of the loss that you have suffered. Do yourself a favor and take the time to mourn your loss. As you go through the five stages of grief; denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance, memories of the good times you spent together may bring a smile to your face instead of a painful grimace.

Poems for When a Good Friend Dies

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Poem About Wanting More Time With A Friend
  • By Serena Oritz
Cancer Stole My Friend

Cancer took my best friend, don't you see?
Time was a ticking bomb thrust in me.
Did black cats traverse my way?
Did bad luck linger over me day to day?
If cancer would have examined my heart,
Would angels be grabbing you to depart?
If I knew our bond was made of an hour glass,
I'd pile stacks of love around your heart, make cancer pass
To give me those last ticking moments and make them exquisite,
Make our friendship stand on cement for us no longer having to split.
If cancer had any idea what beauty laid within your soul,
I can promise it would have seen the glow.
I saw it the moment we became friends.
Tick...tick...tock...my heart will burst when time ends.
Silence began moments ago,
When a voice said its time to let go.
I could not stop the
Cancer stole my


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So sorry for your loss, do all the things you would have done together, that way she will always live on and be by your side.

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