Feelings Poem by Teens

This poem is dedicated to all the teenagers out there who feel they have no idea who they really are. Don't worry, I feel I am going through that myself. It will all make sense after you've come out of the teen years. You mean a lot and have the ability to fulfill masses in your life!

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© Robynn Cole

Published on October 2009

Who Am I?

I'm tired of being told to grow up,
When they know that I'm able
I'm sick of being called 'Punk',
Because that is being labeled

I don't know what to become,
I can't work hard at school
When I make a mistake or trip up,
Kids simply yell at me, "FOOL!"

I try to find an answer,
Each and every other day
I really am in the need of help,
And I put myself in shame

It's frustrating not knowing ME,
For myself I'm a little shy
I need to figure this one out,
But tell me, who am I?


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