Winter Poems

Winter is the season when the whole world seems to go to sleep. The weather is cold, the ground is hard, and the trees and plants seem to be dead. Since there is little else to do, it is a time that is conducive to working hard. There isn't much else to do, and the weather else seems to suggest that we must buckle down and do the things that we have been avoiding. This is not a bad thing. It can very satisfying to work hard and be creative. Creativity is part of our makeup. Without a purpose in our lives, depression would quickly set in.

Nature Poems about Winter

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Winter Warmth
By Sam
Piles of snow beneath my boots
chilly winds blowing everywhere
snow keeps mounting on the posts
on the windows and on the roads
shovels outside,
soups inside
hot and rich, ..........
Votes: 312,  Rating: 4.1 , 2 Stories
Ice Princess
By Danielle
Sensational tresses like locks of snow
Passionate eyes like embers aglow
A pale face with indication of desire
Surrounded by subtle white fire

Delicate limbs carved by ice
Shrouded ..........
Votes: 85,  Rating: 4.02
Winter Wonderland
By Macy
Through the trees the sunlight filters,
Glinting off the snow, caressing the water,
While water falls noisily nearby.

The water twists around, winding,
The stream continues on an ..........
Votes: 36,  Rating: 3.97
By Michaela
Winter is cold, with gusts of tumbling snow
When rain falls down and nothing ever grows
For children itís the snow that they desire
And cups of co-co in front of the fire

When winters ..........
Votes: 91,  Rating: 3.96
Wonderful Winter Wonderland, Winter
By Evermore
I will gaze at the stars,
And maybe even Mars,
They are all so bright,
On a wonderful clear winter night,
Feeling the breeze,
Watching the trees,
They're swaying with grace,
In ..........
Votes: 63,  Rating: 3.95 , 1 Story
The Hunt For The Northern Lights
By Lesley Elaine Greenwood
Snowy white fox of the Arctic,
was it your brush-like tail
that sprayed snow, like crystal sparks,
adorning the dark sky with a shimmering veil?
Are you the Northern ..........
Votes: 14,  Rating: 3.71
A Winter's Epiphany
By Michael A. Barron
Timeless thoughts of a winterís stare;
eyes gazing over a landscape bare.

Memories drift on a blustery breeze;
dying light ushers in the freeze.

Reaching out for a grasp on the ..........
Votes: 123,  Rating: 3.67
Starry Night
By Joseph Letourneau
Starry Night, Starry Night,
The stars shining in the sky.
The stars twinkling in my eye,
Like the sun in the daytime sky,
Or the moon in the early evening.
The nebulae are big and ..........
Votes: 50,  Rating: 3.6
Winter Again
By Steve Katz
another winter has come
your head and hands go numb
looking forward to the frost and snow
nights spent near the fire watching the embers glow
the cat snuggled in tight curl
a nice mug ..........
Votes: 51,  Rating: 3.43
I Am Rain
By Tony Luo
I emerge from the slithering vague,
My weeps sprinkle placid droplets to the atmosphere,
And sometimes, I outburst like a bundle of plague,
All the way, I tinkle the saturating ..........
Votes: 19,  Rating: 3.32
Winter Poems 1-10 of 10    
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