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There's nothing like the first love. You've never had these feelings before and you imagine that no one else has ever felt this way about anybody. Your boyfriend or girlfriend are the greatest thing ever and you want to be with them all the time. Your senses become alive as you fall in love for the first time. You're not even thinking of the possibility that you may break up because that has never happened to you before. First love is filled with the optimism that you will be together forever.

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Poem Questioning If Loved Back, Loving You So Much
By Nora
The moment I think about you
I go to another world
A world where you love me too
And where I can never be hurt

The truth is I donít know what to say
My mind goes completely ..........
Votes: 551,  Rating: 4.34 , 14 Stories
Do You Remember Our Love?
By Karina Del Campo
Between our little fights and our giggles
Do you remember that you were the first lips I touched?
The first hand I held,
The first one I cared for,
The only one I ever loved.
Do you ..........
Votes: 154,  Rating: 4.33 , 2 Stories
So Much For My First Love
I've loved you since I met you,
Though there's nothing I can do.
You've really hurt my feelings,
And I deserve better than you.
I thought you said you loved me,
But I guess I heard ..........
Votes: 108,  Rating: 4.31 , 1 Story
Poem To Guy Who Stole My Heart, He Is To Good To Be True!!
When I first meet you we were suppose to be friends
Who would of thought that I would love you in the end?
We talked and talked for months and months
Got to know each other in a way that no ..........
Votes: 218,  Rating: 4.25 , 4 Stories
My First Love.....My First Heartbreak
I never thought I would love someone like you
Never in my dreams that I would meet you
But then, as I travel in my life's journey
You walk into my life and I fall for you.

I never ..........
Votes: 304,  Rating: 4.24 , 13 Stories
The Lucky One Is Me
By Mariah
It's another ordinary kind of night
You're at my house and I start a fight.
Then I turn the radio on and it's your favorite song
I smile at you as we both sing along
You laugh at me when ..........
Votes: 26,  Rating: 4.15
First Love
Take my hand and lead the way,
Pour out all your deeper thoughts,
Let your soft voice whisper swiftly into my ear,
All these lovely things I want to hear.

Kiss my lips and touch my ..........
Votes: 86,  Rating: 4.08
Man In My Dreams
By Christine Madas
Every time I go to bed and lay
I just never forget to kneel down and pray
thanking thee for how good he had been
and for all the blessings we had seen

then I had slept and had a ..........
Votes: 25,  Rating: 4.08
Divorced Single Mom
By Nacole Grogg

Once when I looked at you
time stood still.
I could hear my heart sigh,
This love is real.
If only we had known what once was so real,
would today be gone.
Moments of ..........
Votes: 70,  Rating: 4.06
I Know What First Love Means
By Parkha Khan
I won't stop you,
I won't say a word,
Go back to her,
When you feel its love!
I wont bug you,
I wont tease you,
Go to her,
When you feel she is in need!
I know what first ..........
Votes: 34,  Rating: 4 , 1 Story
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