Abandonment Poems by Teens

Abandonment leaves wounds that heal slowly and scars that fade even slower. Usually, the effects of abandonment last a lifetime. Only those who have experienced the anguish caused by being abandoned can understand the depth of this feeling and the fear it causes. It causes one to lose their sense of security. It causes one to feel unlovable and suffer from low self-esteem. The fear that abandonment causes in a person will affect all of their future relationships. Fortunately, confiding in a trusted friend can help a person to work through their abandonment issues and cultivate healthy relationships.


You Left Me For No Reason

You had me, you left me, you never cared,
I was your second child and still you weren't prepared.

On the lonely nights when I was sad,
You were the one who made me feel bad.

You were never there to wipe my tears,
You weren't there for me throughout the years.

When I was lonely you weren't there,
I guess that's because you didn't care.

I could never forgive you for what you did,
Because sometimes I wished I was dead.

Without a mother I was lost and confused,
If parenting were a contest you would lose.

Call me or write me you never did,
How could you do that to your own kid.

You had me, you left me, you never cared,
You are the reason that I was scared.

All those days that I've been upset,
Will soon become your biggest regret,

You never even called just to say hi,
You never even called just to say goodbye.

Years and years past and still no word,
The words I love you I never heard.

When I was sick you didn't comfort me,
When I was hurt you didn't bandage me.

I don't want you to be a part of my life,
No matter how many times you apologize.

I'm just gonna pretend like you didn't even exist,
Because you didn't even give me one last kiss.

You had me, you left me, you never cared,
My most important memories we never shared.



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