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The little things are what make teenage love so special. Things like hanging out at the mall, wandering around with no place to be, listening to music together, and texting each other all night, so late that you fall asleep with your phone in your hand and can barely stay awake in class the next day. It's the thrill and uncertainty that comes with not knowing how long your relationship will last or if it is really true love. Teenage love is beautiful and risky. It's invigorating and challenging. It is a feeling you will never get tired of.


What I See When I Look At You
I Look At Him

I look at him and I see beauty.
I look at his body and I see desire.
I look at his hands and I see want.
I look at his face and I see a wish.
I look in his eyes and I see love.
All I need is his touch.
A look is all I need to melt my heart.



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l also want a man with a face that l see a wish and a body that l really see desire. A man who looks at me and my heart melts and my mouth will break into a smile. All l need is his touch,...

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