Thank You Poem for Friends

What could be better than a friendship with some romance mixed in?

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I feel the same way about a girl I like now. I just do not know for sure …

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© Nicole J. Van Oss

Published: Oct 2007

I'm Glad I Have A Friend Like You

It started out as just a hug and grew into a kiss,
A friendship that had blossomed up to more than I could wish,
You are my shining star at night you help me find my way,
You are my inspiration directing me each day,
See when I fall and need a hand you always pick me up,
And when I cry and need a friend you're there no matter what,
I wish I were just like you strong hearted, brave and sweet,
I'm glad I have a friend like you, to make my life complete.


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  • by Pontiac
  • 2/26/2014

I feel the same way about a girl I like now. I just do not know for sure if she really like me or just trying to play nice. I really want her to know that I do care for her if she will let me. We text daily and I enjoy that because I really don't want to go another day feeling alone and letting one more go. She told me she is glad I am her friend. I am trying to take it to heart but scared on not making it worse. I want to keep texting her and hope something grows stronger in a good way.


  • by Tiarra, Bridgeton New Jeresy
  • Apr 2011

I've met this guy and we like each other, but we're just friends. It's not that were scared to be with each other its just that I'm not ready to be in a relationship again, and he isn't the faithful type in a relationship. I feel as if we are better off as friends, and if were meant to be it will happen in the long run I wouldn't want to mess up our friendship because of our mixed emotions we have about each other. It's hard because I feel us getting closer each and everyday, and neither of us are doing anything about it to stop it, it's all so confusing. Hopefully in due time these feelings will all go away, and it will be like it was jus a dream.


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