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A friend I know and love as a son wrote this poem for me.

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I have a friend who to me is my father too. This poem made me think of …

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© Robert Krug

Published: May 2011

A Friend I Know As Father

If you, like I, learned from your life,
Then you too know it's true.
That life is filled with miracles,
for some, a precious few.

I think for those that few exist.
Perhaps they need look harder.
For one of my best gifts of all,
was a friend I knew as father.

I think of all the years gone by,
how different things would be,
had my real dad put forth the love,
that this man's shown to me.

Yet as our time continued on,
reality set in,
and my life with my new great dad,
then truly did begin.

Each day was spent if not with him,
awaiting when would come,
the next great time that he and I,
would have ourselves some fun.

We bowled, played pool, ate frequently,
and did what we did wish,
and although we never caught a thing,
we even tried to fish.

My miracle I met one day,
how thankful I sure am,
for such a truly wondrous thing,
my friend, my dad, this man.

My wish how is from now on this,
that I may somehow be,
the type of son my dad deserves,
the son he's found in me.

May you too find your miracles,
no matter what the bother.
For they exist and I found mine.
My friend, I know as father.


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  • by Shane,Florida
  • Aug 2012

I have a friend who to me is my father too.
This poem made me think of him.
Thank you for this poem.


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