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This poem is for husband's filled with good advice on how to treat your wife.

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My wife and I have been having some issues over the past few days. I was …

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© Carol Naumann

Published: Feb 2006

A Good Woman

One you should treasure, but not as a possession,
Who needs to be loved, not treated with aggression.
Her value is more than all the world's treasures,
Not just the sum of scale's unit measures.
She should always be built up, not torn down,
By all the words you speak, when she is around.
She needs to be hugged and not pushed away,
Especially when you both having a really bad day.
Words spoken to her in haste and anger,
Can place her fragile heart in danger.
She should be admired for her boundless love,
And looked upon as a true gift from Above.
Not used as a target for all your frustration,
But held close and kissed with loving admiration.
You should always appreciate her commitment to you,
And not take for granted what she's given up for you!
Kiss her and love her all that you possibly can,
And don't be embarrassed to be seen holding her hand.
Treasure each day as if it were the last,
And at the end of your life you won't be regretting your past.


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Has this poem touched you?
  • by Jeremy, Tennessee
  • 4/23/2014

My wife and I have been having some issues over the past few days. I was brought to tears by this poem. I sent this to her as it is exactly how I feel. Thank you


I'm guilty of this, as a man who treated his wife exactly the opposite to this poem, and was so wrapped in my own problems, I did see it coming, I did try to do something about it, I still am, all I can do is hope I haven't flushed 15 hard but loving yrs down the drain, this poem had me in tears. Why? cos I'm slowly starting to love you again, I'm so sorry.


  • by Mafuty, South African
  • Aug 2010

It really touched my heart because most of the time, we as women are not appreciated. Our husbands don't even care if we exist, it's normally all about them. Sometimes we tend to be too clingy but not realizing it, we want them next to us every single day. Then both of us wouldn't have time for ourselves. We tend to love them more than ourselves. What exactly can we to maintain our relationships/marriages without putting pressure to each of us?


  • by Lekha Kerela
  • Jul 2010

ya it touched me very much..
it shows the mind and soul of a women
she is always neglected after use by all..
the men those who read this .. if they change their mind towards wife and daughters, it's the achievement of the author


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