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I dedicate this poem to my wife of 47 years.

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I recently lost my dear sister and todays poem about husband and wife is …

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Published: Jun 2007

That Someone Special

That Someone Special

She is the apple of my eye,
The reason that I live.
She is all that I could wish for.
My heart to her I give.

It is for that someone special,
These words that I do pen,
To thank her for always being,
My wife and my best friend.

She has the will to live until,
The last breath she does take,
There is the love within her heart,
Such good memories to make.

She is the sunshine in my morning,
The star that's in my sky,
And if I should ever lose her,
Then I would surely die.

She stands always at my side,
No matter what comes our way.
She comforts me with steadfast love,
Each and every day.

She carries many burdens,
And her heart is sometimes broken,
By all the thanks she never gets,
And all the words unspoken

I know her life is not her own,
I always seem so needy,
And asking her to do one more thing,
I feel so really greedy.

How can I ever thank her,
For all she has done for me?
I can only give her all my heart,
And love her to eternity.

I hope that when the end comes,
And she meets God face to face,
He will tell her that in Heaven,
She has a special place.

Copyright 2007, Richard Netherland Cook


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  • by Elizabeth
  • 7/15/2014

I recently lost my dear sister and todays poem about husband and wife is so fitting to who she was.
It was very touching
Thank you.


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