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Every couple asks the same question, are we meant to be? This poem means a lot to me..........hope you like it

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Love it. I ask the same question when I think about him. Are we really meant to be?

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© Adrianna

Published: May 2008

Are We Meant To Be?

We started off as strangers
then soon became friends
you told me you loved me
though I didn't feel the same
soon after you said it started as a game
but soon became the truth
but I don't know what made me love you too

you're the first one I think of when I wake up
and last one I think of before I go to sleep
I love you so much I wish you never had to leave

EVERYTHING, our late night talks, dumb jokes
awkward moments and all the laughter
just makes me fall in love with you more....
you give me butterflies when you say the sweetest things.
but when you act like the one I didn't fall in love with...
it makes me wonder if we were really meant to be


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  • by Moon, Texas
  • Dec 2012

Love it. I ask the same question when I think about him. Are we really meant to be?


  • by Carebear,Canada
  • Dec 2012

This poem explains all the things I think about when I was dating


  • by Kalene
  • Nov 2010

this poem explains how I feel all the time about a man I really love you have given my heart a good word of wisdom so thank you


  • by silena
  • Nov 2009

This poem does get to me because I do ask myself a lot of times if it is meant to be


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