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This poem was inspired by my best friend. I was going through a rough time and she stuck with me every step of the way. She held my hand through it all and told me every thing was going to be alright. This really showed me how great of a friend she really is, and it showed me that no matter what she will always have my back. To this day me and her still remain very close. We are truly sisters from different misters.

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Best Friends. They are sometimes wrong. And sometimes right. They are …

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© Reba Gibson

Published: May 2011

Bestest Best Friend Forever And Always

You are there when I need you
You always have my back
You uplift me when I'm sad
You always make me smile
You cry when I cry
You smile when I smile
You laugh when I laugh
You never judge me
You always keep my secrets
You brighten up my day
You always show you love me
You are my sister from another mister
You are awesomely fantastical
Who am I talking about?
You, because you are my BBFFAA
(Bestest Best Friend Forever And Always)


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  • by Brianna, USA
  • 3/23/2014

Best Friends. They are sometimes wrong. And sometimes right. They are different and do different things. But the things they do together are the same. They love each other. They seem one of a kind but in the end, they become each other.


  • by Dzilala Nassim Swaleh
  • Oct 2012

I have a friend but couldn't get words to tell how special she is to me but this poem has really helped me do it......thanks to the writer!!


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