I'm Sorry Poem for Friends

A friend is left with sorrow, feeling sorry for a friendship past.

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This poem has really touched me. I like it a lot I've hurt a lot of people …

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Published: Jul 2007

Can't Get You Out Of My Head

Once again I write to you
The sun is shining the sky is blue
And all I do is sit and think.....
Only about you without a blink

The days pass and the nights yearn
From all that has happened I wish I could learn
That life isn't always what you desire
It leaves you lost in flames of fire

You see your day and see it through
Knowing what I'm writing is all so true
You ignore the meaning of all of this
Thinking that I'm being childish

I've tried to ignore I've tried to forget
But all I see is the first time we met
I don't know why this happened to me
Maybe it's a dream, pinch me and see

All I request is a closing chapter
Meet me for 5 don't let me wonder
All I want is for you to reflect on
Whether I lie and this is for fun

Hopefully you'll find the answer is no
That this for me isn't a show
Don't forget the moments we had
The day you left I was sad


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Has this poem touched you?
  • by Ashia Storm Strickler, Altamont, Il
  • 9/26/2013

This poem has really touched me. I like it a lot I've hurt a lot of people and this is ALMOST perfect for telling them how sorry I truly am.


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