Alone Poem by Teens

Feelings Of Regret And Loneliness

love, friendship and loneliness.

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© Jamie Nixon

Published on December 2007


Afraid of regret
I take a breath and try to deal with the battle that is set
My heart tears me one way
In opposing corners my best friend and my mind
No move can I make that solves this problem
So strong the will in my heart- it will not let me move
In this place I am put
Onwards I charge in the presence of my peers
Pressing to each occasion
With a stiff smile forced upon my somber face
Eventually I shut down in my room
Alone-as I'm used to it
With a tear formed in the crevice of my eye
Making its way down my cheek
Knowing I don't belong here
I need someone to love me,
But alone I am left
Alone I forever will be
Afraid of regret.


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