Betrayed Friend Poem

I wrote this for a friend who hasn't been much of a friend.

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This poem is so very true. My best friend since reception, had always ran off with another friend every year since 3rd grade. She had always said she did not like them, and would apologize, …

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© Claire

Published: Mar 2010

First And Last

Today will be my last and today will be my first
The last time I get walked on by you
The first time I've moved so far from you
The last time I will wait for you to arrive
The first time I know for sure I can survive
The last time you apologize for your mis-lead ways
The first time my feet are at home in the sand and the waves
The last time I will worry if you are alright
The first time I can watch the sea all night
Today is the last day our friendship will survive
Tomorrow I'll spare a thought and regret this day arrived

I wish you well and I hope you're happy
but I can't carry on with you being so dappy.

If your heart should change at all
Just be sure to give me a call
I will always be here hoping for you
To be the person you know you're supposed to
Life is hard with many changes
But it does get easier through the ages

So every time you look at a twinkling star
Just remember that's me smiling from a far.


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  • by June
  • 10/19/2014

This poem is so very true.
My best friend since reception, had always ran off with another friend every year since 3rd grade. She had always said she did not like them, and would apologize, saying they bossed her around. I forgave her, as I didn't want to spoil our friendship over it, and she finally started hanging out with me again in 5th grade. But, in 6th grade, she abandoned me again for a girl who was new to the school. The new girl was nice to me, but then my best friend started being horrible towards me. She made mean comments and left me out. When I asked her to stop leaving me out, she said, "No." She was also always against me, not with me.
At Summer, I had had enough of her pushing me around and being weak, so I snapped at her on impulse. I must admit, it felt good. I burst into tears afterwards, but she finally apologized. But then, she continued her horrible ways, so I left her for some better friends.

In 7th grade, she invited me over a few times like old times, and acted as if nothing had happened. This annoyed me, but I was prepared to put it behind me. But then she started blaming the new girl for her actions, and acted like the victim. I questioned her a little, but did not say much about it. We rarely text now, but I am very happy that she has not invited me over ever since.


  • by Jenna, Honolulu, Hi
  • Feb 2013

Oh wow... This poem practically describes my life. Me and another girl were friends until I realized she was lying and using me. It was the last time I would take it, and the first time I was free from her evil grasp. Great poem, you deserve 5 stars.


  • by Sam
  • May 2012

So my best friend that I've been friends with for six years, since third grade, is not my friend anymore. She has been hanging out with other girls, popular, slutty girls. She was always making plans with them and never me, her best friend that has stood by her for six years. She did things with them that we dreamed about doing together. Four days ago I found out she was cutting herself, I would have never imagined. But I had to find out from all her slutty, bitchy, snobby friends. She couldn't tell me herself, we are on the same bus and in the same lunch period. So I told her that I'm done with her. She has been drifting off from me and I told her that twice but she did nothing to fix it. So now it's been four days and I've been ignoring her. All her friends have been telling me to talk to her, that I'm only making it worse. She is now starting lies about me. All these bitchy friends she has she even said it herself "they are such bitches". But I'm done with her and it kind of feels like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders.


  • by Hailey, Louisiana
  • Dec 2011

My BFF of 6 years started avoiding me and my other friend, and I just noticed today. She was hanging with girls just days before she told me she hated. When I asked her why, she said because me and my other friend take up all her time and we always do what we want and not what she wants. she never told us anything, she always said okay. she said we wouldn't go to the freak tree with her in the morning, well she never asked. she knows I'm trying to get over my ex, who she hangs out with, but if she just asked, I would get over it for her. but instead she shuts out me and my other friend. she didn't tell us nothing, I had to hear it from someone I never talked to in my life. I'm hurt. idk what to do anymore.


  • by Destanie, Wisconsin
  • Nov 2011

My best friend and I have been Best Friends since 3rd grade, yesterday was when I found out that I am not good enough for her anymore. The popular girl is more important I cried in front of the class, it hurts to leave her but she is pushing me away and I cant hold on much longer..


  • by Jerry, California
  • Jun 2011

Very real and comprehensive. Sometimes I feel the same way but a lot of the times it is just in my head. I think that if you have a best friend it will always be forever.


  • by Maria, Ct
  • May 2011

My friend kept leaving me out with others, and acting snobby. She didn't care what I thought and how I felt. I would see if she saved a seat for me, but she never did. I figured, why have a friend that doesn't care for you anymore? I stopped talking to her, and my life is just fine without her. I'm making great new friends, and I am totally fine. Good Riddance to her. (:


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