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I'm Saurav from India, I'm a law student and I love to write poems and have written many poems. I love to enjoy life to the fullest. hope you like my poem.

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I sent this to my girlfriend and she instantly fell in love with it.

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© Saurav

Published: Nov 2008

Good Night My Love!

As I am saying good night at the end of the day,
And you are not here, but many miles away,
My heart is so empty and so lonely inside,
As I wipe away a tear I am trying to hide.

I close my eyes and try to go to sleep,
But with the sadness inside I begin to weep.
Suddenly I remember what you once said to me,
Just meet me in the stars, waiting for you I will be.

When distance tends to keep us apart,
Remember I still hold you near in my heart.
When the night together, can't be ours,
Just close your eyes and meet me in the stars.

Remembering those words, I begin to smile,
And gently close my eyes, lessening the miles.
I can see the stars, oh how beautifully arranged,
But you are not there, no hug to exchange.

I sit alone waiting, with hope in my heart,
No longer wanting to be kept apart.
Suddenly in the distance, a shadow appears,
A tear rolls down my face and the image is clear.

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Has this love poem touched you? Share Your Love Story
  • by Josh Bain
  • 10/5/2014

I sent this to my girlfriend and she instantly fell in love with it.


  • by Nichole Wheeler
  • 5/18/2014

My husband of just 7 months lost his battle to cancer. We would often sat outside at night and stared into the star filled sky. I still do today and know that he is watching over our daughter and I. This poem is perfect, I was looking for something for our anniversary in June. I know he would love this one. Thank you so very much for writing this poem.


  • by Rose, Montclair
  • 4/30/2014

Wow. I'm a great fan of poetry, I sent this poem to my mother in London. She immediately called me crying. She's been away for one year and May 17th it's my birthday and she still won't be here with me. This poem touched the core of my sorrowful heart. Thank you


  • by Janet, Phoenix AZ
  • 4/7/2014

My boyfriends is miles away in prison this poem really touched me ! <3


  • by Harsh Bijapur (Karnataka)
  • 3/27/2014

My friend when he get this message, he start crying


  • by Michelle, NSW
  • 1/2/2014

I married the greatest man never violent. Never yelled at me or our son who is 16 now. He worked so hard even when he got bashed by 15 blokes while driving a taxi he got pulled from the cab. He was meant to have spine operation but it kept getting postponed. he had to start wearing men pads at night so he would wet the bed he had enough with this deterioration. He went to the hospital to get answers. But nothing so he pulled out a claw hammer smashed the triage window and waved a Stanley knife around at the nurse. He's now done a year in jail and now has been sentenced to 4 & 1/2 years with the 1 year taken off that he's served. I send him a poem every week but I'm looking for something different to do with all his lonely days and nights in his 22 hour cell as he's in maximum jail. I mark every day off in a diary.


  • by New Delhi
  • Oct 2013

This is such a sweet poem and touched my heart too. I loved this one.


  • by Beth, Belfast
  • Oct 2013

My beautiful Ray of sunshine lives so far away at the moment. I miss the tenderness of his arms keeping me safe and warm at bedtime. Sometimes a goodnight pic and txt just aren't enough. This poem is beautiful. I shall pass it on to him with a silent tear and a smile x


  • by Moinul, Chittagong
  • Apr 2013

The is the perfect poem for a person who miss his/her lover while trying to sleep.


  • by Sabrine, Tunisia North Africa
  • Mar 2013

I liked the poem very much, it amazingly translating my feelings... I have myself a long distance relationship, it's a real perfect one and I'm sure it's worth it... =)


  • by Crystal, Texas
  • Feb 2013

My husband is in the Army and has been deployed now for 8 months. I miss him 24/7.


  • by Selena, Florida
  • Feb 2013

I'm moving away from my true love and I looked for a poem that could ease the pain I love him and he loves me so at the end of the year I will read him the poem and I will hope it eases the painful moment and maybe if he wants to we could have a long distance relationship.........


  • by Chloe, Maine
  • Jan 2013

I started a long distance relationship on the 24th of January and the guy I'm with doesn't always have time for me or talks to me that much and reading this made me tear up a bit because it's everything I want but I'm not getting it with him so I'm not sure what I should exactly do. He does make me feel amazing when we have our heart to hearts but it's constant bickering and I hate it. I love this poem though <3 it reminds me of what I can have if I stick by his side:)


  • by Eli
  • Jan 2013

My husband is far away right now and has been for about 3 months but everynight when we talk we both sit outside looking at the stars and it makes us feel closer together somehow knowing we are both looking at the same starry sky.


  • by Krista, California
  • Nov 2012

I actually got teary eyed and I don't even have a long distance relationship. Thank you for your poem it had a lot of emotion.


  • by Jeff, Arizona
  • Feb 2011

This made my girlfriend Cry... what do I need to say. She is my dream girl... thank you for this poem thank you very much..... Jeff


  • by Jillian, Oklahoma
  • Sep 2010

Wow.. This poem is so perfect for my boyfriend and I.. He used to live in another city far away from me. And when we started going out; every night we'd talk on the phone and watch the stars. Every night. Until one day; he moved here all the way from his own city. From all of his friends and family. Just to be with me. He makes me so happy.. This poem actually made me cry. I loved it.
(: thank you for writing the words I couldn't seem to say.


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