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My husband and I are apart because he's in Iraq with the military. Like many couples we find that supporting each other emotionally, spiritually, and daily through life is sometimes challenging when we live under the same roof; and always challenging when we're thousands of miles apart. We both need different types of support now. With prayers and my wish for him in this poem I send him strength and love.

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I read your poem and liked it very much. God is watching your man. I …

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Published: Aug 2008

Happy Birthday, Sweetheart

It's that one special day created with you,
When wishes rain in for the year coming new.

You'll gather this year which travelled too fast,
Weed out the regrets of time reaped by the past.

Harvest the days God planted with blessings,
Your health, your family, and valuable life-lessons.

Although we're apart on Your day of the year,
With faith and God's love our hearts bloom without fear.

This wish I have picked for my heart's only Love;
A garden of happiness and tending from Above.


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  • by Colleen Atkinson
  • Nov 2008

I read your poem and liked it very much. God is watching your man. I feel it.

Thank him for a job he's doing. My Dad fought in WWII in Arnheim and my Granddad fought at Paschendale in WWI. The whole family is proud of that legacy.

You must be so proud of your husband. God Bless and keep him well and bring him home safely. God bless all of the other families trying to support each other. I can't even imagine it. We must all pray that war will stop world-wide


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