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This poem was written from actual feelings, just like all poems should be written... well I encourage you to read this because it seems like a really great poem...

I Love The Way

© Margo
I love the way you tell me that I'm beautiful,
and the way you make me laugh like no one else.
I love the way you move the hair away from my eyes,
and then kiss me on my face.
I love the way when you take me to the park
and put your hands around my waist
as we watch the sunset together and feel the ocean breeze.
I love the way you'd sing to me at random moments,
and look at me and smile.
I love the way you leave the smell of your cologne on my clothes after we hug
I love the way you would send me my favorite flowers
along with an " I LOVE YOU" card.
I love the way you speak your mind and tell me about your opinions.
I love the way you're not afraid to cry and show your feelings.
I love the way you call me in the middle of the day just to say " I LOVE YOU."
and say how much you miss me.
I love the way you tell your friends about me and smile when you do.
I love the way you whisper into my ear,
the way your voice sounds so close to me.
it feels like I'm dreaming.
I love the way you do all of these and the fact that you're not ashamed to do it.
I love the way you treat me,
and I'm glad to be yours...


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Published: Feb 2008

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  • OMG! EVERY word in this poem is sooo true to me & my boyfriend! We've been together for 8 months BUT I know that he is the one for me! I am so glad to see that there is someone else that has been blessed to feel this kind of love & passion with someone!

    Stacey, Texas Submitted Jul 2010
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  • I love this poem! It is one of my favorites, it describes everything I feel.

    Riley, South Dakota Submitted Aug 2010
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  • I love this poem. I read it again and again and feel everything it says. this is so true to me and my partner:)

    Lorna:) Submitted Aug 2010
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  • I once had somebody like that. It felt really good to be loved by him to. I have never had anyone like him

    Joyce, Clarkesville GA Submitted Sep 2010
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  • That's a very beautiful love poem. It was obviously written from the heart, and sends a very strong message.
    I think we should all share these type of personal love poems with those that we love, and not just on Valentine's Day.

    Martin Submitted Oct 2010
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  • That a very beautiful love poem. it was obviously written from the hearts,and sends a very strong message :D I think we should all share these type
    of personal love poems with those that we love,
    and not just on Valentine's Days<3 :D

    Vanessa Submitted Dec 2011
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  • So there this guy that I been dating for like two months, I never had a guy like this that really cared about me so much. He always makes me laugh and smile. He tells me that I'm so beautiful everyday. He's the one guy that I really want to marry and have kids with.

    Samantha Submitted Apr 2012
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  • This poem sounds a lot like me and my boyfriend. I love him unconditionally with everything that I am.

    Caitlin, Vero Beach Submitted Aug 2012
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  • So there's this boy I'm going out with and I totally adore him and everyone says were perfect together and that poem is what my boyfriend does to me, and I love it but I missed him when I read it because it's long distance, but I loved how the first line got me thinking about us !xxx


    Aimee,Harlow Submitted Aug 2012
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  • I really love this poem its like me and my boyfriend we really love each other we are like twins that like the same things:>

    California Submitted Jan 2013
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  • I love this poem because it got me thinking about my boyfriend that lives an hour or so away from me and I love him so much that he is the one for me because he treats me like a Babydoll and tells me how beautiful I am. I love him so much!!!!!!

    Emily,Ripley Tn Submitted 9/30/2013
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  • This poem is so true. Me and my boyfriend has been together for 4 years and now we are engaged. He does these things and I couldn't be any happier. He's my world. I'm glad to have him. I LOVE THIS POEM!!!

    Lisa Submitted 1/2/2014
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  • This poem is absolutely beautiful. It reminds me of me and my ex. We were together for 6 and a half months and well, I still feel this way about him. I love him so much and I would love to send him this poem one day. Great job to whoever wrote this amazing piece of art.

    Cheslea, Mississippi Submitted 2/5/2014
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  • I really do love this poem it reminds me of me and my boyfriend, we have been dating for 2 years already and next week it will be three years. I'm so happy and this poem reminds me so much of us my bf love to write poems like this for me and I love him every day for it.

    Cecilia, Texas Submitted 4/11/2014
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