Boyfriend Poem

How much you mean to me. I want to dedicate this song to Tyler Bryant

You Mean The World To Me

© Karly
You mean the world to me
Nothing will ever come between us
No matter what anybody says or does
You will always be in my heart
Forever and ever
Your spot will never be replaced
You hold the key to my heart
And you have since we met
I will love you forever
And no matter how much we fight
Things will be ok
Like I said I will love you forever
No matter what


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Published: Jan 2008

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  • That is exactly what me & my boyfriend said to each other..I wouldn't let anyone replace him no matter what..he is the only one who makes me feel secure and loved around..Love him more than words, thoughts & actions

    Tressa Submitted Nov 2009
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  • The story/ poems touched me. I thought this boy was my everything but it turned out so wrong. he still is my everything. When I think of him I smile but I still have regrets.

    Alexez Submitted Sep 2010
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  • I have been with my boyfriend for almost 2 years. Our anniversary is on September 11, 2009. I love him with everything in me and I need to write him a poem for Valentines Day and can't think of one... HELP!

    Kari Submitted Feb 2011
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  • Me and my boyfriend have been together for 6 years and I love him with everything I got! I showed him this poem and he smiled I smiled and we hugged. I couldn't be any happier!

    Haley Submitted Aug 2011
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  • I have been with my boyfriend for 6 months and he means the world to me but I don't know how to tell him that. I tell him everyday like 7 times a day that I love him. I just cant loose him I would die if he left me.

    Orienne Submitted Feb 2012
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  • Me and my boyfriend are miles apart but he said that to me and this poem just relates to us so much! Even though me and him are miles apart we are super close I know him and he knows me and I love him with all my heart!!! Well really he is my fiancÚ I have to get use to being a fiancÚ to him too! I am so happy we are together and soon to be husband and wife!!!

    Cheyenne,Wynne Submitted Apr 2012
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  • This is awesome poem my boyfriend loved it we are together for almost 2 years. Our anniversary is November 24 2011. We love each other so much.

    Monica Submitted Aug 2012
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  • Me and my boyfriend were together for 8 months and those were the best 8 months of my life. We've been separated for the last month and it seems like my worlds falling apart. But it seems like no matter where he is in life I'll always love him!! I miss him like crazy I've tried to work things out but when he wanted it I did not so now that I do he doesn't want it!!

    Ariel Submitted Aug 2012
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  • Me and my boyfriend have been together for just 4 months. nothings more special to me than him. He makes me feel so special. He is the perfect match for me. he loved me so much and so do I. and I love this poem. He means the world to me :')

    Butterbabe Submitted Oct 2012
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  • Me and my boyfriend have been together for a year now. We have a beautiful baby boy on the way on March 15 2013 and he is very special to me. Family loves him but not as much as I do, he is my heart soul, life, world, my everything. I love this man more then I could ever speak he makes me smile everyday and that means the world to me.

    Tacoma Wa Submitted Nov 2012
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  • I have been with my boyfriend for 6 months now and it has been so special. He's my rock my everything and from the first day we met I know he was the one for me. He's been there for me on my lows and made me smile with his funny jokes and his funny dance moves :) he is the only one who has every had the key to my heart - I love my man so much and yesterday he ask me to marry him so I'm on cloud nine and this like means a lot to us because no one could ever take his place in my heart. I love my baby boy so much <3. He's my world

    Jade, Walsall Submitted Dec 2012
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  • I read the thinking of you and our relationship poem and it was truely beautiful. My lover and bestfriend been together 10 years and there isn't a day that go by I don't say I love you and I appreciate you. I pray everyday thanking God for this once in a lifetime real love. Happy holidays to everybody :-) and I wish nothing but love, peace and happiness to all. Because we all deserve it.

    Tawanna, Atlanta Submitted Dec 2012
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  • My boyfriend and I been together for 4 years now got 2 beautiful boys we been though a lot together a lot of our family's have tried to break us up. But our love is too strong because I believe he's my soul mate, best friend, lover, my rock, The air I breathe he is my everything!! :)

    Perth, Western Australia Submitted May 2013
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  • Me and my boyfriend have been together for nearly a month now and ever since that day when I first went to meet him I could feel a connection between us both. The day after that we saw each other then we decided to get in a relationship together. He is my best friend, sole mate, lover, my everything. He has the key to my heart and he always will <3

    Jessica, UK Submitted 1/13/2014
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  • Me and my boyfriend have been together for a year now which was last year and he is the love of my life and heart. I am disabled I walked with a walking frame and for long distances I use a wheelchair. We were really good friends in 2012 and I told him about FaceTime and iMessages and then I give him my FaceTime address for FaceTime and I said to him on FaceTime do you have a crush at school and he said yes and I said who is it and he said don't tell anyone and I said I won't I promise and he said it's you and then he said do you have a crush on me and I said yes and then we chatted for like a couple of day and he helps me get my frame in the car he is very helpful.

    Sarah Submitted 1/24/2014
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  • Me and my bf has bee together since June 24, 2013. We are so glad to be with each other. But I don't know what to say to him. We oovoo and facetime and see each together and talk on the phone for 2 hours strait. He would every morning call and leave a voicemail or write me a morning text massages so when I woke up and look at my phone I will have a messages from him. I know that I will not lose him ever because he told me that he doesn't want to lose me, he wants me to be the one who marry him. I love him so much. He is there when I need him and I'm there when he needs me to. <3

    Nicole,NY Submitted 4/25/2014
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