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I'm Brave Enough Because Of You

This short poem is about someone who's afraid of being alone. I just wanted to comfort her and tell her that there's no reason to be afraid. Before, I am also afraid of being alone but I realized that having someone special in your life can make you strong. That special someone gave me strength to overcome my fears and weaknesses because I knew that she needed someone to lean on, to make her strong too. That same person is the source of my inspiration to have courage. Because of her, I became brave and I hope that she'll be the same too.

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© Kenneth L. Frias

Published on October 2008

You say you're afraid of being alone
You can't do a thing on your own
You don't know where to get the courage
to overcome those fears that bother you

I sensed that you needed somebody
And now I'm here to fill that somebody
Never to leave you alone
So you can stand on your own

Remember what I've told you,
that fear is only in the mind?
I believe that you can make it, just like me...

Because, for once, I'm also afraid
And I don't know where to get the strength
to overcome my weakness

Now, I am brave enough to stand beside you
Yes, I am brave enough...

Maybe you'll ask, "Why are you brave enough?"
My answer is simple and true:
"I'm brave enough because of You"


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