I'm Sorry Poem for Friends

Dedication to my best friend Allie, which in the end I apologized && we acted like nothing happened the very next day of school. All the months of fighting, and we never brought it up again. I hope we will be best friends again because currently we are just friends.

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This reminded me the fight I had with my bff, we didn't talked for months over an argument, …

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© Elyse

Published: Sep 2007

I'm Sorry But You're My Bestfriend

I am sorry for what I did
I forgive what you have done
The truth is I miss you
Remember all the laughs we have together
Each day I pick up the phone to call you
&& go wait I can not
because of that fight I cant recall
Don't you remember?
All the teachers who yelled at us for talking
&&the insides jokes that we laughed our heads off with
&&the gossip & rumors we made=]
I told you we will be best friends forever
And I plan to keep that promise
I said things I didn't mean
and you hurt me by what you said also
Just trust me on this
I'm sorry
We seem so far apart now
Which is something I don't want to happen
You were my best friend
&& you can not deny it
If you don't accept this
then I understand
you will not be forgotten


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  • by Rahul, India
  • 4/20/2014

This reminded me the fight I had with my bff, we didn't talked for months over an argument, but we can't stay apart for much time, she's still best friend.


  • by Hbear8342
  • 2/18/2014

This reminded me of my last time BFF. I want to be friends again, but we've split up, and are in a different clique. I don't think we can be together anymore…


  • by Becca
  • May 2012

This helped me get back with my best true friend Eva after having a massive argument and getting putting on report xxx


  • by Ruby, Australia
  • Aug 2011

My BFF and I had a fight and I am really sorry but she owes me an apology as well and I am really sorry! but I really don't want a fight because it's our last year together!


  • by Kate,Mauritius
  • May 2011

ouch! I hope tomorrow this poem will bring me back my lost friend at college! pray 4 me! I <3 cha ! :D


  • by Lexie
  • Jun 2010

My best friend is really mad at me. HE was the one to break me out of my shell, the one who knew all my secrets, most of all the one I loved the most. I try to forget him, it does not work. I will miss him and love forever , whether we're together or apart.


  • by Diamond
  • Sep 2008

this poem is really good, I have recently had an argument with a really close friend, and this made me realize that he is my bestest ever friend and that I miss him so very much. =[


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