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Poem About A Rodeo

It was the week after the rodeo and I couldn't stop thinking about the rodeo so I thought I'd write and this is what I came up with.

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Legendary Bull Rider

© Erika

Published on August 2011

As he walks you can hear the spurs on his boots
He walks on over and hops in the chute
then waits alone with the bull
until the moment when the date is pulled
the dust stirs from the ground
as the bull bucks and spin around
1-2-3-4 how long will he last
5-6-7-8 seconds have past
the buzzer makes the sound
and the bulls hooves hit the ground
he gets himself free
stands up and tries to leave
he falls to his knees
because his muscles are beat
he tries to stagger away
as if he took his first steps today
the bull fighters then come to save the day
and help him get on his way
the judges calculate the score
then its posted on the board
he made such a good ride
he's won a new buckle that shines


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