Heartbreak Poem by Teens

I originally wrote this poem in 1984. 7th grade. (Hence it's sophmoric quality) I've added two verses recently, but the rest is true to the original. It's been in my head for so long, I thought it was time to share it, and with it, maybe open up a whole new world of creativity and self-expression.

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May 2008

Lonely, But Not Alone

On a cold and dreary morning
As I sit upon my bed
While I stare at your picture
Thoughts of you go through my head

Sometimes when you don't know it
You douse my feelings with cold rain
And though you may not realize it
You put me through such pain

I know that I should turn away
Just go and not look back
This being lonely but not alone
Is something I can't hack

But something keeps me holding on
Is this the best I'll find?
I can't imagine moving forward
And leaving you behind

You know you can't deny it
Yes, I know you love me too
I pray the day will never come
When you say that we're through

I've never felt this way before
And never will again
My heart will always be yours
Even after our time comes to an end

I hope you don't forget these words
Until the day you die
And when that day comes I will be
Behind you with a sigh

I love you baby, don't forget
These feelings that I write
'Cuz if I said I'd die for you
Believe me, I just might.


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