Goodbye Friend Poem

Lost Friend

This is a poem about a friend who I was close to but then it had starting crumbling and getting worse. And I think its time to move on.

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© Eden

August 2011

A Long Time Coming

On that first day
Did you look into my eyes and know
That one day you would go away.

It started off
As something from a fairytale
But then one night it all changed
Every little thing I did was not good enough
How could I be the perfect you wanted,
I was me
And nothing could change that.

I started getting more flaws pointed out
By You,
Every little argument
Ended making us both mad
Making a little crack every time
As soon it would get a little better
Something would turn up to take it back.

Then one night
You had decided that it was all MY fault
for everything,
At that point
I knew I had to let you go
It was so long
Before I was gone
Before I had lost me.

I am leaving before it is too late
It was great while it lasted
You will stay in my mind
But with only the good memories
The bad are all gone,
So this is


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