Goodbye Friend Poem

Saying Goodbye To A Friend Poem

Saying goodbye to an old friend. Dedicated to Heather Barbieri.

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Yes I cried myself to sleep when I read this poem for I myself am awaiting the return of my soul mate. The poem expresses the depth of his love for his best friend in his willing to forgo being …

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Published: Jun 2008

Through The Years

You helped me laugh
you dried my tears
because of you I have no fears
Together we live
together we grow
teaching each other what we must know
You came in my life and I was blessed
I love you friend
you are the best
Release my hand and say good-bye
please my friend don't you cry
I promise you this it's not the end
'cause like I said you're my friend


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  • by 4evatau
  • 8/20/2014

Yes I cried myself to sleep when I read this poem for I myself am awaiting the return of my soul mate. The poem expresses the depth of his love for his best friend in his willing to forgo being with her, he has rock solid faith that someday soon they will be together forever. Any woman that is loved by such a man with courageous inner strength is surely being blessed by God


  • by Shaun Kidderminster
  • 7/7/2014

I have to move and I sent this to my mate and she cried her eyes out it is a very touching poem


  • by Isnihaya, Philippines
  • 4/21/2014

I had a best friend before, she always made me laugh and never told lies. I always thought of her as a weird girl. She was the one who encouraged me to write stories for she claimed to be my biggest fan. But one day she stopped going to school and I can't contact her. After 3 years I saw her. She told me that her real parents found her and they're making her live with them. In a place that's far from my home town and now I lost a best friend and a sister. I lost interest in writing too.


  • by Lolly
  • 1/28/2014

My best friend is moving away and I will never see her again. I am crying while typing this.


  • by Thea Evans
  • 1/7/2014

I had a best friend 5 years ago named Jessica. She was my best friend and I thought I was lucky to have her. One day she left the school without me knowing and I never talk to her because I don't know anything about her or how to contact her.
Sometimes I think of her and get a bit upset.


  • by Glen Reyes, Phillippines
  • Jun 2013

I had a friend which I met in the net only. We're friends for at most 3 years now. He is a good friend to me. He's always there to cheer me up when I'm sad. He's always find time for us to talk though it's through yahoo and through sending sms to each other. He knows everything about me. He's the only person whom I can tell all my secrets in life.. and now I feel so lonely and sad coz the constant communication that we have before is different from now because he's about to work in a cruise by 20 of June. So we don't have time to talk everyday due to his new world of work. I'll be missing you my dear chef..


  • by Amber
  • May 2013

You see I had a best friend and she died when I was young, I haven't and never will forget her but I had to move to a different country sob. I met new people and learnt English. I also have cool friends that understand me but I will never forget her because she was not just a god friend but a good sister too, if I could see her once, I would first hug her then tell her I love her.


  • by Zaira Paducone, India
  • Jan 2013

I'm sorry that I didn't realize warmth of our friendship took time ..but now I've realize that I can never ever get a friend like you. I love you. I'm waiting. Please come and dry my tears. I can't live without you anymore.


  • by Jo
  • Jul 2012

In year 3 I met this amazing girl she was from America and she was so nice. We are now at the end of year 8 and we are still friends. About 4 weeks ago she dropped a bomb shell she is moving back to America. I will miss her so much and never forget her. This poem reminded me that we will always be friends!


  • by Cianka Haynes, Tanzania
  • Jun 2012

I am moving in about 3 months...when I read this it just reminded me of the friend I am going to leave behind! I will really miss her and all the times we have gone through....the tears, the stupid fights and most of all, the laughs!! She has really made an impact in my life...and I will never forget her! xoxo I love you Simone! xx <3


  • by Tamara
  • Mar 2012

My story, I lost my best friend you see we were close with each other and we would hang out and everything now its all different because she moved to California she's not like any other friend that I had. She was honest and truthful and my best friend I wish I could see her again.


  • by Deni
  • Dec 2011

I love my best friend so much. It's only been two years but she's got to move now. I love her so much. The best thing is we are neighbors and we do everything together. I don't know if I will be able to survive when she leaves. I bet there will be a flood from all our tears. I Love you Emily!!!!!!!!


  • by Keagan Cambridge
  • Sep 2010

my best friend Ami had to move schools and I never saw her again. I love her so much and I started sobbing my eyes out when I heard this, thank you.


  • by Drewcinda, Forster Nsw
  • Sep 2010

In year 3 my best friend and I did everything together then one day I was sick so I couldn't come to school so when I was away a person told lies about me to her and she still doesn't talk me and I'm in year 7 now. I don't know what she told her but I really miss us doing things together. :( :( :(


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