Sweet Love Poem

The feelings you get when you are first falling in love with someone. They are such strong feelings. feelings that never completely go away. You never truly forget your first love.

Love. Plain And Simple

© Nicole
I get butterflies,
every time,
You look at me, touch me, talk to me.
Big cheesy smiles across my face,
You fill that empty place,
Deep in my heart,
Where it has been lonely for such a long while,
I hope we never part.
Because if we didÖ
I donít know if I could take it..
Iím giving you my heart..
Please donít break it.
Oh I feel for you so much,
When your not with me
Oh how I miss your touch.
I go crazy waiting for your reply,
When I canít talk to you I want to cry.
I donít think Iíve ever felt this way..
Feelings for you come more and more each and every day,
You know how to make me smile
I hate being away from you
Even for a little while
Youíre so sweet
When I'm near you, my whole body fills with heat,
And I have an out of control heart beat.
I can't control myself
I can't help but want you all to myself.
I canít think of enough words to explain,
My feelings for you are simple, they're plain.
Do you understand what I'm trying to say?
I'm so glad we found each other
I'm so glad we love one another.
There are only so many words to use to say
You are more then okay
Youíre mine babe


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Published: Jan 2009

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  • like this poem
    its really makes me cry

    Eva Submitted Sep 2009
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  • I know what you mean. I am so in love right now and cannot for the life of me get him out of my mind at all! Love is a consuming fire that burns hotter everyday. There is no escape and it is awesome.

    Penny Submitted Sep 2009
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  • Reading this poem has filled an empty space in my heart. I have not heard from my secret pal since last Monday. She usually sends me things that have to do with the Peanuts Gang. Sometimes, she would simply send me cards. I miss her.

    I know how you are feeling. I feel the same way when I don't hear from my secret pal.

    I have been reading the book "Twilight." This poem reminds me of Edward Cullen being "anxious" about being away from Bella.

    You should make this poem into a song! :)

    Laraine Smith Submitted Sep 2009
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  • This story makes me feel so touched when i read it. and it still does. it reminds me of a guy i used to know. Nicole, you rocked for writting this poem. Thanks so much i feel touched.

    michelle nevarez Submitted Oct 2009
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