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My life isn't easy to explain my problems aint half as bad as what they could be but I know that by writhing I can keep them from getting worse......

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It is really a very touching poem. Awesome. I'm not able to express my feelings but I think through this poem, people would at least try to understand me. Thanks.

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Published: Jan 2009

Mixed Emotions

inside I'm crying
outside I'm smiling
no one notices
but its hard for me to control this
when you see me walk by
it doesn't look like it but I want to die
thoughts racing through my head
then comes the tears that I shed
how can I change
all the tears and rage
you say you understand
and all I need is a helping hand
that may be true
but first take a walk in my shoes
sadness, angers, and unbearable pain
you'll be taking a walk full of nothing but shame
as time moves slower
my self-esteem gets lower
am I nothing to this world
or am I just a worthless teenage girl?


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  • by Niharika
  • 12/30/2013

It is really a very touching poem. Awesome. I'm not able to express my feelings but I think through this poem, people would at least try to understand me.


  • by Heather Hauge, Wisconsin
  • Feb 2011

thanks guys its so nice to know there people out there like me


I know how this girl feels. I had so many problems with my past I was always depressed. But than I got help my best friend talked me into talking to my mom. We're closer than ever now and I feel some what wonderful. talking to people helps. I can relate to this girls poem.. thank you that touched me a lot.


  • by Lily, Laurel Hill Florida
  • Dec 2010

This poem has touched me. It explains exactly how I feel most the time. I feel like no one understands me and they just try to...but they can't really grip it. Thank you so much for writing this. It really made me realize that there are some other people who feel the way I feel


  • by Staci, Little Rock Arkansas
  • Oct 2010

I really, really love this. I relate to it so much. sometimes I just feel like I'm nothing and I have very low self esteem


  • by Crystalmoon X
  • Aug 2010

I'm not exaggerating when I say that I can relate to EVERY single word in this poem. No one knows how I feel, I can hide it all, but when I get home and no-one's around I just sit down and cry. One or two of my friends have noticed, they say whatever it is they'll "understand" - but I know they won't, they don't know what I have to go through. I just feel so worthless and lost.


  • by Matthew Nelson, Noblesville IN
  • Jul 2010

This is an amazing poem, and it shows a lot more about the reality of this struggle than I've ever been able to do. I have a close friend who just admitted to me that she's been struggling with the exact same problem. You remind me of her, she's that person who always smiles, and when you ask if something's wrong, she says everything is fine. I really hope that you find someone you can trust with how you feel as well.


So I read your poem and I like it a lot. It means so much to me cause I feel those same thoughts everyday of my life. Like people that barely know me think I am that outgoing spontaneous kind of girl but when deep down inside all I think about is negative things. I like the last line of this poem cause I feel like I am a worthless person, just like I am nice to everyone and they just turn around and hurt me to the point where they know it hurts. I just think this was an amazing piece of poetry and I like it.


  • by Cierra, Georgia
  • Jun 2010

I love this poem its so hard to find someone that understands


  • by Heather, Wisconsin
  • May 2010

I'm the author of this poem. It's great to know that I've touched so many people with this one poem. I've written many more and although the fight isn't getting any easier I keep pushing forward and my writing helps me so much thanks for reading this and I will probably be posting more soon thanks again I'm glad that I touched so many!!


  • by Addrienne
  • May 2010

I know how you feel. I look like I'm happy but deep inside, I'm sad and nobody knows or even ask me when I show my true emotions. It's great to find others who share the pain so maybe one day, we'll all take away our thoughts of suicide.


  • by Josie, Florida
  • Apr 2010

You have no idea just how much this poem touched me. Every single word, its like your reading my thoughts. Girl, you have an amazing talent with the way you write and what you have to say.
Thank you for this poem.


  • by Eshiia, Brooklyn
  • Apr 2010

OMG I feel the same exact way. I feel all that pain and nobody ever understands. It's good to find some one that feels the same way I do. Thank You for this touching poem.


  • by Jesse
  • Oct 2009

This poem is wonderful. It lets me know I'm not the only one suffering through it all. I've thought about it all. I try to smile but then it falters. It seems everything isn't as important as it use to be.


  • by lis
  • Oct 2009

Oh my god this the best poem ever this is how I feel inside.


  • by ALEACIA
  • Oct 2009

As I read the teens poems it made think of my own teens, how they laugh and smile on the outside but what is really going on in the inside. Do they have those thoughts? It makes me think. I'm a youth minister and my prayer is that the youth would open up and talk to me because I try to be there for them. In life we get so involved in ourselves that we forget how others are feeling who are not as strong. I apologize to all the teens who suffer and have no one to love them through their pain.


  • by Dan H.
  • Sep 2009

This brings back so much memories....about so much hatred that was in me, about all the pain I went through. It hurts to remember all this. Then I look back to today. Telling myself that I'm still here. I survived that. When it comes to doubt, always throw it away. learn from your mistakes. It makes you stronger. That's how I ended up where I am today.


  • by amanda m.
  • Mar 2009

this is exactly how I feel. and it really touches me, and its good to know someone else feels this way.


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