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Poems about Anxiety and Panic Disorders

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The Girl I Used To Be "PTSD"
By Trobers
Among the cluttered archives of my pondering
Lie the memories of a girl who I used to be,
My eyes alight,
Radiant as the sun,
But my figure grows dim,
With every breath that's ..........
Votes: 15,  Rating: 5
Poem about Anxiety Disorder, Mysterious Pain
By Peggy S.
With her head hung low
and nowhere to go

She can't explain
this mysterious pain

It comes on so fast
How long will it last

Her heart is just pounding, her head starts to ..........
Votes: 54,  Rating: 4.65 , 7 Stories
Panic Disorder
Tightness in my chest
I cant breath.
The only time I can escape
is when I fall asleep.

Constant nausea
constant fear.
How did this happen
knowing I'm safe here?

It's a ..........
Votes: 96,  Rating: 4.64 , 2 Stories
Panic Attack
Closing in all around me
a fear I cant describe.
All shaky and confused
I think I'm going to die.

Thoughts so unsettling
are blocking everyone's attempts.
When all they try is ..........
Votes: 50,  Rating: 4.52 , 4 Stories
Trichotillomania, Inside An Addiction
By Vera
What I feel they may never understand,
it's not like its difficult or hard to comprehend.

But it's what lies behind my every pull,
I've done it so much sometimes I don't even ..........
Votes: 40,  Rating: 4.5 , 3 Stories
Poem About Mental Illness, Paranoia, Voices
By Bella B.
I hear them there everyday,
Why will they not go away?
They tell me that I'll be betrayed,
Will it be really be that way?

They fill my brain with thoughts and doubts,
Will I ever ..........
Votes: 20,  Rating: 4.5
Poem about Struggling With A Panic Attack, Dad
I know you may not think so
But I'm trying really hard
I don't do it on purpose
I did not pick this card

I'm trying my very best
To get this hurtle jumped
But no one else is ..........
Votes: 32,  Rating: 4.44 , 2 Stories
Depression and Anxiety
I had it once, now itís gone
Like a knot itís been undone
Was once so tight, now so slack
Happy times I wish I could have back
I sit a home, and feel so lonely
Itíll be great if that ..........
Votes: 70,  Rating: 4.39
Poem About Social Anxiety Disorder, Phobian Egg
By Molaire
let me know who I am.
Of course you do.
You do watch the way I walk.
And the words that comes out of my reins.
I need to know self.
Yes you do. Don't hog the secret.
You see the ..........
Votes: 10,  Rating: 4.3
The Roaring Rain On A Dark Night
By Francis
The only thing I can see through the window is thick rain drops piercing down on my conscious.
I stay in the middle of my bed curled up and trying to shield myself from the unknown.
I feel like ..........
Votes: 36,  Rating: 4.28
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