Teen First Love Poem

Poem About An Unfolding Relationsihp

This is about my first love... I met him in school when I was in 4th grade. I was a new kid at that time and I fell for him the minute I saw him! He was a 5th grader, so I rarely met him and never had the chance to talk with him...then a year later we were teammates at a school club and so we became friends but then another year passed by; he stopped being my friend for no reason...another year later I find out he likes me! The poem tells my story. Read it if you please.

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My Love Story

© Ro

Published on July 2011

When I first met you
I didn't think twice
in a few seconds I knew I was caught
my heart beats in a thrice
my mind can't think straight
neither of us gave it a thought
but together in love we fell

rarely meeting
never speaking
is it even meant to be
we were still young
my feelings, slowly away they flew
what about you?

a year passes
we change classes
I was in 5th grade then
while you where in 6th
I tell you this is no myth

as friends we start talking
finally joking and fighting
for the very silliest reasons
I grew more fond of you
with every passing season

another year goes by
with me you stop talking
suddenly you start ignoring
and I start wondering
if I'd done something wrong
instead of beginning to cry
I stood up strong
and deciding to do the same thing you do
I began playing your game too

I played this game of ours the best
but in the end from your friends I find out
that you ignored and never talked
because you loved me so

at first I didn't believe
giving you a test
I was finally relieved
to realize it was all true
your love came out of the blue!

slowly everything you've hidden
is beginning to show
every time you pass by my side
my heart used to glow
and the angels would take me to cloud nine

now time flies by
happy memories unfolded
new facts founded
we grew older
and by each passing minute we became closer
our hearts grew fonder

now that I'm in your class
I get to see you more
you're even clearer than before
you never made me feel like broken glass
boy, you're the best I've ever had

I catch you looking at me
noticing that twinkle in your eye
you make me smile
seriously, I bet my heart would run a mile!


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